Fidelis Care Provides Support for Members to Help Address Social Determinants of Health Needs

Over 75,000 Members Connected to Services, Resources in Local Communities
Since Program's Inception

LONG ISLAND CITY, N.Y., Aug. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- As part of Fidelis Care's mission to transform the health of local communities, the statewide health plan has connected more than 75,000 members across New York with services that address their needs related to Social Determinants of Health (SDoH).

Fidelis Care's innovative SDoH screener program was launched two years ago as a grassroots health equity initiative to address conditions in the environments where people are born, live, work, and play that affect their health, well-being, and quality of life. Social Determinants of Health can affect a wide range of health risks and outcomes – particularly among vulnerable populations and in underserved areas.

The screener enables trained Fidelis Care representatives to assess an individual's immediate needs and challenges related to SDoH through a brief series of questions covering areas such as access to transportation, food, and secure and safe housing. More than 450,000 Fidelis Care members have participated to date.

Nearly 33% of members screened identified safe and secure housing as an area of need and were connected to community-based agencies and local resources. Food insecurity (26%) and access to transportation (21%) were other top needs identified by members. These areas were addressed through referrals to food banks, meal delivery programs, and other local resources.

There have been several positive outcomes related to the SDoH screener. Members who needed food and housing assistance, for example, were referred to agencies like SNAP, Catholic Charities, and local food banks. Other members were referred to community programs such as housing and heating assistance, employment assistance, mental health support, and transportation resources. Fidelis Care has special information focused on SDoH on its website at

"Fidelis Care understands that Social Determinants of Health have a major impact on the health and wellness of our members – particularly those who live in marginalized communities," said Vincent Marchello, MD, Chief Medical Officer. "Our staff are knowledgeable, dedicated, and compassionate, and connect members with organizations that can help to address their most pressing needs. These partnerships and the services they provide can make a profound difference in our members' lives and in the communities we serve." 

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