Centene Announces Additional Actions To Further Protect Members And Employees From COVID-19

Company will enhance efforts to educate members and employees to increase vaccination rates

ST. LOUIS, Aug. 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Centene Corporation (NYSE: CNC) today announced it is taking additional steps to further protect members and employees from COVID-19, to educate its key stakeholders about the benefits of the vaccine, and to prepare for anticipated vaccine and testing requirements for companies that hold federal contracts.

Earlier this week, the company requested all employees to provide proof of their COVID-19 vaccination as soon as possible. Employees who do not provide proof of vaccination will be required to participate in regular COVID-19 testing and wear masks at all times while in company offices. In addition, Centene is delaying its first phase of the company's return to in-person engagement from September 13, 2021, until October 18, 2021, providing additional time for Centene employees to be vaccinated. Centene will also require vaccination as a general condition of employment for all new employees beginning October 1, 2021, as well as require essential business contractors and subcontractors to provide vaccination attestation prior to entering Centene offices. As an additional measure of care for our members, the company will require employees conducting in-home visits or clinical facility visits with direct member interaction to be fully vaccinated.

Centene's additional guidance aligns with the federal government's announcement that all federal workers and onsite contractors must be vaccinated or be regularly tested, a requirement that is anticipated will soon apply to all companies that hold federal contracts. As a leading healthcare company with contracts related to the federal government, Centene is committed to following similar guidelines.

Today, Centene also reiterated its commitment to improving vaccination rates among its members. The company plans to continue its leadership in this effort through additional comprehensive education and outreach programs, with a specific emphasis on the most vulnerable populations.

"We are deeply committed to protecting our members and employees as the Delta variant continues its spread across the U.S., causing a new pandemic of the unvaccinated," said Michael Neidorff, Chairman, President and CEO of Centene. "Our industry must be a leader in addressing vaccine hesitancy, especially to protect those who cannot safely receive the inoculation, such as young children and individuals with compromised immune systems. Key to this goal is a strong collaboration between the private and public sectors at the federal, state and local levels."

To address the spread of the Delta variant, the company will continue to expand key outreach programs it has supported throughout the pandemic. These initiatives are specifically focused on promoting awareness of COVID-19 vaccinations to encourage members, employees and under-resourced communities to receive the vaccine. These efforts include:

  • National Outreach Campaign – Centene is implementing a nationwide member outreach campaign, asking members to update their current vaccination status while providing them with aid in accessing and scheduling vaccines. These efforts include the call campaign and public service announcement (PSA) initiative announced on June 8, 2021, which has reached more than 10 million members.
  • Education Campaign with the Pro Football Hall of Fame – In March of 2021, Centene formed a partnership with the Pro Football Hall of Fame to increase education around vaccination benefits through developing and promoting a series of PSAs, and hosting events around the country with Hall of Famers. The PSAs, airing on 160 national television networks and digital platforms, specifically focused on outreach to communities of color.
  • Clinical Outreach Program – Centene designed and implemented a clinical outreach program to address member needs leveraging a machine-learning algorithm to identify individuals facing critical social determinants of health challenges. The algorithm then used geospatial data to consider proximity to vaccination centers and known medical risks such as chronic conditions.
  • Hispanic Family Equity Fund – In May of 2021, Centene, through its foundation, the Centene Charitable Foundation, pledged to match the first $1 million in corporate donations to the Hispanic Family Equity Fund. The fund, launched by the Healthy Americas Foundation (HAF), the supporting organization of the National Alliance for Hispanic Health, aims to support Hispanic families in the post-pandemic recovery.
  • Partnership with the Lyft Vaccine Alliance – Centene joined the Lyft Vaccine Alliance, which is offering 60 million rides to and from vaccination sites for low-income, uninsured, and at-risk communities.
  • Academic Research Studying Basis for Vaccine Decision-Making – Through the Centene Center for Health Transformation, a research partnership with the Brown School at Washington University and Duke University Center for Advanced Hindsight, Centene is studying the basis for decision-making on vaccines to refine its messaging to members.
  • Leveraging Community Partnerships for Local Outreach – Centene and its local health plans are leveraging community partnerships such as the National Urban League and local affiliates and the Office of Tribal Relations to develop tailored, culturally sensitive campaigns and educational materials for members.
  • Supporting Employees – As the COVID-19 pandemic evolves, keeping Centene employees safe remains a top priority. Following the national availability of COVID-19 vaccines, Centene established a conservative, hybrid return to in-person engagement approach for the fall of 2021. Additionally, in response to the ongoing pandemic Centene:
    • Waived all prior authorizations and employee cost sharing for COVID-19 related screening, testing, treatment and vaccination.
    • Provided up to 10 additional working days of paid leave to support employees receiving the vaccination, or those employees caring for a family or household member affected by COVID-19.
    • Offered employees with up to a $1,000 discount to their health insurance premiums for conducting a number of healthy behaviors that included the COVID-19 vaccination. Provided a one-time payment of $750 to employees who performed critical services in Centene offices in 2020.
    • Established a Medical Reserve Leave policy to support clinical staff who wanted to join a medical reserve force and serve their communities, during the COVID-19 pandemic. The policy supports clinical staff by providing paid leave and benefits for up to three months of volunteer service.

About Centene Corporation
Centene Corporation, a Fortune 25 company, is a leading multi-national healthcare enterprise that is committed to helping people live healthier lives. The Company takes a local approach – with local brands and local teams – to provide fully integrated, high-quality, and cost-effective services to government-sponsored and commercial healthcare programs, focusing on under-insured and uninsured individuals. Centene offers affordable and high-quality products to nearly 1 in 15 individuals across the nation, including Medicaid and Medicare members (including Medicare Prescription Drug Plans) as well as individuals and families served by the Health Insurance Marketplace, the TRICARE program, and individuals in correctional facilities. The Company also serves several international markets, and contracts with other healthcare and commercial organizations to provide a variety of specialty services focused on treating the whole person. Centene focuses on long-term growth and the development of its people, systems and capabilities so that it can better serve its members, providers, local communities, and government partners.

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