Washington Residents At Risk of Losing Medicaid Coverage as First Deadline Approaches the End of May

Coordinated Care encourages Washington Apple Health (Medicaid) beneficiaries to act early to confirm eligibility

TACOMA, Wash., May 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- As a leading Medicaid managed care provider in Washington, Coordinated Care is committed to ensuring Washingtonians have access to high-quality, affordable health coverage. In line with its mission, Coordinated Care is providing its Medicaid (Apple Health) members with information and resources to help them understand upcoming redetermination deadlines while encouraging them to act quickly and update their eligibility information to maintain their health insurance coverage.

Since March 2020, during the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency, the federal government paused Medicaid eligibility verifications—a process known as redetermination. Due to a proposal in the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2023 passed by Congress, states could resume the process of redetermining individuals' Medicaid eligibility beginning April 1, 2023.

In Washington, the first major deadline is May 31, 2023, when Medicaid coverage could end for some Apple Health (Medicaid) members. The Washington State Health Care Authority, which provides health coverage for more than 2 million residents, is working with members to review and update their eligibility information. Members will receive a notification from the state with a deadline of when their coverage will end if they do not take the necessary actions and next steps to renew their eligibility. If members are no longer eligible for Apple Health, they may qualify for other health coverage.

Coordinated Care aims to raise awareness about the upcoming deadline and resources available to help members maintain their coverage:

  • First, Coordinated Care is reminding members to review and update their household information on www.wahealthplanfinder.org.
  • Next, members should receive a notification alerting them to verify eligibility and should take needed next steps for enrollment.

"Maintaining health coverage is an essential step in helping all Washingtonians access high-quality, affordable healthcare," said Beth Johnson, Coordinated Care's President and CEO. "At Coordinated Care, we are actively partnering with our local providers and community organizations to spread this important message, and we greatly appreciate the efforts of our state and local government partners who are working to ensure current Medicaid beneficiaries across the state are able to maintain their benefits or identify other appropriate means of coverage, like Ambetter from Coordinated Care on the Health Insurance Marketplace."

If you are a current Apple Health (Medicaid) member or wish to learn more about Apple Health benefits in Washington, visit www.wahealthplanfinder.org.

To learn more about Coordinated Care and the free or low-cost health plans we offer, visit CoordinatedCareHealth.com

About Coordinated Care: Coordinated Care provides free and low-cost health insurance coverage to more than 300,000 Medicaid, foster care, Medicare and marketplace members across Washington state. Coordinated Care is committed to transforming the health of the community one person at a time. They treat the whole person by breaking down barriers to accessing care, walking members through their benefits, and connecting them to the care they need. To learn more, visit http://www.CoordinatedCareHealth.com.

SOURCE Coordinated Care