Ambetter Leverages Technology to Improve the Enrollment and Membership Experience
Ambetter is utilizing advanced technologies to simplify the enrollment process and help members get the most out of their health plan benefits

ST. LOUIS, Nov. 12, 2020 /PRNewswire/ --  Ambetter is utilizing technology to offer consumers personalized, step-by-step, virtual guidance to make the enrollment process easier and help members get the most out of their health plan coverage. From Ambetter's one-stop online enrollment platform to Amber, an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered virtual assistant, consumers are able to easily navigate the experience of enrolling in and using their health coverage during open enrollment and beyond.

"As technology evolves, Ambetter must also adapt to the new ways people prefer to engage with their health coverage," said Michael F. Neidorff, Chairman, President and CEO for Centene. "We are committed to making the insurance experience personalized and seamless, and through these new technologies, we're able to alleviate any roadblocks that prevent people from getting the most out of their healthcare." 

During open enrollment, Ambetter is extending three key technology services to members and those shopping for health insurance to simplify the experience:

  • Online Enrollment Platform: Through Ambetter's online enrollment platform, consumers can browse and compare health plan coverage, determine their eligibility for financial subsidies, and directly enroll in health coverage – all in one place. The platform is optimized for mobile access as well, so consumers can apply and enroll directly on their smartphones and smart devices. The platform even allows applicants to save their progress and sends reminders to those who wish to resume the application where they left off. Ambetter's enrollment platform offers the same privacy and security as enrolling through the federal exchange website, which helps ensure that consumers' personal information is protected.
  • Amber Assistant: Upon enrolling in Ambetter, members and new enrollees can engage with Amber, a virtual assistant powered by AI that answers questions about covered services and other health plan benefits. Amber can help members understand deductibles and costs, learn how to earn rewards, make a premium payment, set up a member portal account, and learn the basics of their coverage. Amber also delivers the member's digital ID card, which can be saved to their Apple Wallet or mobile photo gallery. More than 60% of people who are introduced to Amber choose to engage with her, and users reported very high satisfaction with the experience and their readiness to use their coverage.
  • Ambetter Guide: While Amber helps with understanding how their coverage works, the Ambetter Guide helps members get access to the right care. Powered by data science, the Ambetter Guide makes recommendations for healthcare providers based on things that matter to the member. It helps to quickly and reliably match members with a wide range of high-quality, available, in-network providers that are conveniently located. It also eases access to virtual care, including local doctors who offer virtual visits and on-demand network doctors who are dedicated to telehealth.

The open enrollment period for the Health Insurance Marketplace runs through Dec. 15, 2020. For more information about Ambetter and its health coverage plans, please visit

About Ambetter 
Ambetter is a health insurance offering that is available on the Health Insurance Marketplace, or exchange, established by the Affordable Care Act. It is one of the healthcare programs provided by Centene Corporation, a Fortune 100 multi-national healthcare enterprise. Ambetter is made available through local health plans and covers a wide variety of healthcare services, including preventative and wellness services, maternity and newborn care, pediatric services, mental health and substance abuse services, prescription drug coverage, and more. 

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