Centene Foundation for Quality Healthcare Awards $360,000 to Fund Three Programs Aimed at Improving Rural Health

ST. LOUIS (Oct 7, 2015) - The Centene Foundation for Quality Healthcare  announced today that it is awarding $360,000 in Improving Health in Rural Counties/Parishes grants to three  programs, one each in California, Kansas and Louisiana. Centene Corporation’s  national behavioral health specialty company, Cenpatico, supported the  Foundation’s efforts to identify innovative programs that support transforming  the health of rural communities, through individual focus and active local  involvement.

The Centene Foundation for Quality Healthcare was formed in 2004 to  improve the quality of healthcare for medically underserved individuals and  families and economically distressed areas. The Foundation supports Centene’s  purpose to transform the health of the community. Over the years, the Foundation’s  funding projects have included obesity, school-based health clinics,  disparities in mental health among black women and education and outreach related  to public health programs such as Medicaid.

“The Centene  Foundation for Quality Healthcare strongly believes in investing in our  communities, especially those communities that are challenged around delivery  of care,” said Kathy Bradley-Wells, President, Centene Foundation for Quality  Healthcare. “Centene believes we have a responsibility to remove barriers and  make it easier to get well, receive access to services and strengthen our  communities. We congratulate and look forward to working with each of our  newest grant recipients who aware of these challenges first hand.”

The innovative programming includes the use of technology, telemedicine,  promising practices and education. Program goals range from decreasing suicide  rates through increased awareness of mental health benefits and services; to  helping families impacted by poverty to develop resources for healthy  nutrition; to engaging and assisting eligible justice served individuals,  persons with serious mental illness (SMI), and homeless individuals in  obtaining entitlement benefits such as Supplemental Security Income/Social  Security Disability Insurance (SSI/SSDI) so that they may access health  insurance, healthcare, housing, and other resources.

The Tuolumne SOAR Collaborative is a collaboration of the Tuolumne  County Behavioral Health Department, the California Institute for Behavioral  Health Solutions and 15 other community stakeholders. The $140,000 award will  help to increase timely access to income, health insurance and transitional housing  among persons with a disabling mental illness or co-occurring disorder who are  homeless or at-risk of being homeless as they exit institutions such as  hospitals, jails and prisons.

The Iberia Development Foundation and the Iberia Parish Government collaborated  with community stakeholders, including the Francis M. Boley STEM-Ag Academy,  the Acadiana Growers Alliance, LSU AgCenter and others, to address the  community’s significant need for health and nutrition information for grade  school age children, as well as increasing access for children and their  families to locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables. The $110,000 award will  go towards teaching the importance of good nutrition as part of the foundation  for lifelong health.

The Center for Counseling & Consultation (The Center) and the Pawnee  County Health Department were awarded $110,000 for coordination of County  Health Departments and Court Services/Community Corrections Programs of Central  Kansas (Barton, Pawnee, Rice, and Stafford counties). These partners developed  a program aimed at promoting public awareness for the treatment of mental  illness and substance use disorder and access to local behavioral health  resources and services; and broadening access through technological solutions,  including telemedicine.


About The Centene Foundation for Quality Healthcare
  The Centene Foundation for  Quality Healthcare is a non-profit private foundation dedicated to improving  the quality of healthcare in the United States. The Foundation serves as a  resource to identify and support innovative approaches to improving and increasing  the quality of and access to healthcare for low-income individuals and  families. This is accomplished through an inspired philanthropic giving plan  that seeks to promote efforts and activities that identify and address core  causes of unequal access and treatment in healthcare.  

About Cenpatico
  Cenpatico’s expertise lies in managing benefits for vulnerable  populations. Our healthcare specialties include behavioral health, foster care,  school-based services, specialty therapy and rehabilitation and more. We have  managed Medicaid and other public sector benefits since 1994; currently, we  serve over 4 million members nationally. Our headquarters are in Austin, Texas  and we have local teams across the country in the markets we serve. Cenpatico  is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Centene Corporation. We are committed to  innovative solutions and designing programs tailored to improving functional  outcomes with our members. Find us online at www.cenpatico.com.